Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Market Indicators

Wishing all Friends a Very Happy and Prosperous Year , 2019.

Last year I had shared a video on my experiment with Market Indicators.  I had received many requests to share the Market Indicators.  I am sharing these indicators with you all as my Humble Gift to all Friends to Flag of this New Year. These Indicators are not Market specific and will work for any Market. The video on the Market Indicator is available  on my YouTube Channel Market Indicator

The set consists of Three Main Indicators as below

1. Market Buy Volume
2. Market Sell Volume
3. Market Chart with Indication

However the set consists another important fourth Indicator called "Update Market Composites". This Indicator is used to update the data of the other three Indicators as these are made composite variables. Every time you update the data of your Amibroker you have to run a SCAN of the Indicator which will update the data for the other three Indicators. The SCAN has to be run for all symbols and all quotes.

All these Indicator can be Downloaded from my Google Drive Shared Folder Market Indicators
Feedback and Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Issues and problems can be communicated to my  Mail ID

Wishing you all once again a very Happy and Successful Trading year