Friday, October 14, 2016

VPA Version 4

Finally here is the next version of the VPA, V.4.0.  The earlier version was a step in refining the signal generation codes. However the signals were generated were too many creating a confusing picture. Also there was a error in coding which prevented the use Random walk  Index for the evaluation of the trend. In version 4.0 I have attempted to refine the signal generation coding  so we have lesser more accurate signals.

Another major change is the effort to indicate the high probability of change in the Trend. These are Sentiment Change Indicators. .  A green up Arrow indicates that there is a change of sentiment. The current down Trend may possibly end soon and we may see an Uptrend soon. A Red Down Arrow indicates that there is a change of sentiment. The current Up Trend may possibly end soon and we may see Down trend soon.  Like any signal in Technical Analysis there signal are never 100% accurate these seem to catch the majority of the trend changes. The users are advised not to use these as buy and sell signals. However these signals would be indeed good guiding sophomores.

I am also including a PDF file which provides some details of the various Flags generated by the AFL on the chart. This would help the beginner very much to understand the implication of the various Flags. This is very brief and we I will try to elaborate on each as and when time permits.

The AL can be downloaded from here :
VPA  Version 4
VPA Flags

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Custom Volume Histogram

Back to my Blog after a long time. Unfortunately my work does not give me the luxury of pursuing a active hobby.

On thing I found amusing is that my custom Volume Histogram has been generating a lot of interest. There were many request to share the same. It is a simple histogram based on the strength and weakness of the bar base on close volume and also the overall Trend. There is nothing special about it. However it seems to catch the trends , the turning points and listless days clearly. It also plots the average volumes, a selectable short term and a six months average

Anyway I am sharing the same for whatever its's worth.

The AFL can be downloaded from my shared folder