Friday, September 2, 2022

Multipart Series on Volume Spread analysis


Started a Multipart Series on Volume Spread Analysis  on my You Tube Channel. Ideal for beginners,

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Releasing VPA 5.0

Finally after a long Gap we have the updated version of the Volume Price Analysis afl VPA.5.0. 

 Some code issues have been corrected in this version. In addiiton the following features have been added

- Facility to plot candle sticks  - Various Bar colouring option 
- Unique strength Band 
- Facility to plot trend Bands 
- Facility to plot various EMAs 
- A dashboard for Buying and Selling pressure, Effort and Result etc
- Additional helpful signals like two bar reversal 
- Facility to draw Volume at Price 
- Facility to draw VWAP line 

 You can watch the Introdcutory Video on my Youtube channel 

 The afl can be downloaded from the Below link

Friday, January 15, 2021

VPA Indicator Set for TradingView Platform

Releasing a VPA Indicator set (Volume Spread Set) for the TradingView platform. The set consists of three indicators. One main and two auxiliary Indicators. A Introuctory Video ============================================= A Cheat sheet for the VPS Indications and Legends and a Booklet on VOlume Spread Analysis is available at this link CHEATSHEET ============================================= Pinescripts for the three Indicators can be downloaded from this link - PINESCRIPTS

Friday, April 10, 2020

Volatility Band Intraday Trading System

Lockdown time gives us the opportunity to dust up some old stuff and cleanup.  Some people found the time to look at some of my old work and shown some interest in them. One such work is the Volatility Trading system for Intraday. This is simple trading system based on bands based on volatility where these bands are used as entry points and trailing stops. A brief explanation of the system is as below.
Because the volatility of a stock is its standard deviation, we can statistically establish “confidence Intervals” of the price moves. In statistics, a one standard deviation range means that there is a 68-
percent likelihood the stock price will stay within the range (a 67-percent confidence interval).  The confidence value for different standard deviations are

1.00 - 68%
1.28 - 80%
1.50 - 88%
2.00 - 95%

So, we draw bands at various standard deviation levels like 0.25, 0.5, 1, 1.28, 1.65 and 2 from the previous day’s close.  Entry is made once the price cross above a Band and the same band because the stop loss. When the price crosses above the next band the stop loss is shifted to this band value. This point can be also a “ADD ON” point.  In the same way trading can be done on the down side as well.

The formula for calculating the bands is as follows

S * M * V * (n/252)
S = stock price
M = number of standard deviations
V = volatility
N= number of days

When I released this system years back the Volatility value to be used in the formula was made available in my website.  Unfortunately, I could not continue with the web site.  Now I am releasing the new afl which can be used independently. The Volatility used in the formula can be Historical volatility or implied volatility. The current formula uses the VIX values of the previous day which is available from NSE web site. The High Value of the VIX is used for the higher Bands and the Low value of the VIX is use for the lower Bands. This is Intraday Trading system only. The system is ideally suited for the Index as it is based on the VIX. Soon I will provide a version for stocks which will be based on the Historical volatility of the stock itself.

I had posted a video also on the system which is still relevant.

The AFL can be downloaded from the below link

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Market Indicators

Wishing all Friends a Very Happy and Prosperous Year , 2019.

Last year I had shared a video on my experiment with Market Indicators.  I had received many requests to share the Market Indicators.  I am sharing these indicators with you all as my Humble Gift to all Friends to Flag of this New Year. These Indicators are not Market specific and will work for any Market. The video on the Market Indicator is available  on my YouTube Channel Market Indicator

The set consists of Three Main Indicators as below

1. Market Buy Volume
2. Market Sell Volume
3. Market Chart with Indication

However the set consists another important fourth Indicator called "Update Market Composites". This Indicator is used to update the data of the other three Indicators as these are made composite variables. Every time you update the data of your Amibroker you have to run a SCAN of the Indicator which will update the data for the other three Indicators. The SCAN has to be run for all symbols and all quotes.

All these Indicator can be Downloaded from my Google Drive Shared Folder Market Indicators
Feedback and Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Issues and problems can be communicated to my  Mail ID

Wishing you all once again a very Happy and Successful Trading year

Friday, October 14, 2016

VPA Version 4

Finally here is the next version of the VPA, V.4.0.  The earlier version was a step in refining the signal generation codes. However the signals were generated were too many creating a confusing picture. Also there was a error in coding which prevented the use Random walk  Index for the evaluation of the trend. In version 4.0 I have attempted to refine the signal generation coding  so we have lesser more accurate signals.

Another major change is the effort to indicate the high probability of change in the Trend. These are Sentiment Change Indicators. .  A green up Arrow indicates that there is a change of sentiment. The current down Trend may possibly end soon and we may see an Uptrend soon. A Red Down Arrow indicates that there is a change of sentiment. The current Up Trend may possibly end soon and we may see Down trend soon.  Like any signal in Technical Analysis there signal are never 100% accurate these seem to catch the majority of the trend changes. The users are advised not to use these as buy and sell signals. However these signals would be indeed good guiding sophomores.

I am also including a PDF file which provides some details of the various Flags generated by the AFL on the chart. This would help the beginner very much to understand the implication of the various Flags. This is very brief and we I will try to elaborate on each as and when time permits.

The AL can be downloaded from here :
VPA  Version 4
VPA Flags