Thursday, June 6, 2013

Video On "Effort Index"

My latest video on the latest Indicator "Effort Index"

Afl will be available soon.


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  2. hi sir - how ru n ur health? this is trendcatcher123 frm IT forum. m a BIGG fan/ac of urs. ur a living legend!! couple of queries.
    1). which is better 2 use - daily move/spread (3rd pane). coz till date u have been using spread in ur VSA. but the video seems on daily move.
    2). wht does the white bar denotes in volume indi (2nd pane). cn u upload the same along wid ur effort indi next week.
    thks a ton in adv.

  3. Nice Analysis Sir. If this indicator can be used along with Open Interest basics then will be of great use as open interest is good tool to check accumulation & distribution at tops and bottoms at the beginning of the trend and at the end of the trend.