Friday, May 31, 2013

Regularized Indicators - Part 2

Currently I am working on fine tuning my latest simple indicator the “Effort Index”. I am also planning a video just like the video on the buy and sell indicators. Making video is interesting and I realized that it is not very easy as just recording. To make a proper video one has to plan properly and prepare a lot in terms of a script and story board etc. Making the bits and editing them all together is quite interesting. And there are many interesting software available for each of these aspects. It has been a huge learning experience. Currently I am just doing the story board and it is going to take some time to complete and release the video and Indicator. Meanwhile we will continue with our experiments with regularization of indicators.

 The next indicator I took for Regularization was the RSI. The RRSI is much more responsive and leading compared to the conventional RSI. Since regularization tends to take values to extremes the chart a little more jagged than the conventional one. So we can apply a small filter to smooth the signal. I have applied a 5 bar Ehler Filer to keep the lag minimum.

Similarly a regularized stochastic Indicator is characteristically smoother and less proven to whipsaws.

Download the AFLs


  1. Sir Where can we get Vchannel system v1.0

  2. mmm...Anand you have very sharp eyes... well... not yet...the V channel system was developed based on idea of a friend and I cannot share without his permission... I will definitely try.. :)

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    2. Sir, Is possible can i get Your "VOLUME ANALYSIS COMMENTARY" in mt4