Friday, May 29, 2015

The K-Trend Indicator

Those who knew me in my early days with Technical Analysis in the forum “Traderji” would remember one of my Indicators which I preferred to call as K-Trend. Those days a commercial Indicator called “Taio” was getting a lot of attention in the Amateur Trading circles.  I was also drawn to this indicator and I was eager to clone it and my experiments were in that direction. Soon it was very clear that it was nothing but the True Strength Indicator (TSI) with some additional Gaussian filters.  I also built a TSI indicator and further experimented to make it  adaptive by using Adaptive Moving Averages instead of conventional Exponential Moving Averages. I christened this Indicator as “K-Trend”.   I am sharing this indicator as it is. I will later present a trading system based on this and further experiments in building a Volume weighted Momentum Indicator.

For the K-Trend, I used the “Ravi” indicator and the “Linear Regression Slope” to determine various conditions like entry and exit.  Also these were used to identify the intermediate Tops and Bottoms and the possibility of reversal. Frankly  the Identifications of intermediate Tops and Bottoms were quite good while other signals were not very good.  There is also an option to select the smoothing filter AMA or EMA.  Also some signals like Zero line cross, Zero line bounce and zero line loop were added.

I am presenting this Indicator here as it is and also because this will form the basis of further work.  Appreciate feedback on this. The Indicator can be downloaded for the link below.


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