Friday, June 14, 2013

Effort Index AFL

Finally here it is ... the Effort Index AFL...

The afl provides many options which are selectable from the Parameter window.
First option is to plot either the Raw Effort Index or the the Effort Index.
The Raw effort index provides the effort and the result in the same chart. The Result is plotted above the zero line and the Effort is plotted below the zero line. This makes comparison of the Effort and the corresponding Result on a Bar by Bar basis.

The Effort index is the ratio of the Result to Effort which in effort the Result per unit effort..

Also there is an Option for calculating the effort index either the Bar to Bar  or the Spread..

Bar To Bar  Calculation

Spread Calculation


  1. Dear sir,
    Thanks a lot for nice afl . we hope more from you . Really you are a great one . In my pc,I cann't see the Bar to Bar option . What can do ?
    Email :

  2. Wait it along time, i faked lol like that but your work very nice

  3. Sorry .. Nazrul..older version of file was uploaded... You will find "Daily Move" instead of "Bar to Bar". Please download the file again

  4. Nguyễn good to see that you are trying to experiment yourself.You seemed to have faked it nicely.. Saw you blog. Very nice...

  5. thanks sir, thank for your ideas, your shares ...

  6. Karthik Sir, I am able to find out that the indicator works fine when then market is in uptrend and has reached weakness and the downtrend is onset...but how to use the indicator when the downtrend is going to to end and how will the indicator help

  7. Try to look for strength instead of weakness...later i will try to post an example

  8. Try to look for strength instead of weakness...later i will try to post an example

  9. Sir, i am a great fan of your afl. Can I use this effort afl for COMMODITIES?... i tried it shows only one pane of window contains bars with green only. But in your video contains bars with red and green colors. i will be grateful if you Please explain....

  10. Venkatesh You can select the type of chart from parameter window. It is explained in the blog itself.

  11. Dear Sir, I try to use but there is no different in the indicator window when I switch from Bar to Bar to Spread. Is it possible to get your complete screen-afl ?
    Thanks for help ! Martin

  12. Martin Siegert: you should choose Raw Effor-Result instead of Effort Index.

  13. @Nguyen Quoc Huy - Thanks for help - it´s working

  14. Respected sir,
    i am bharath one of the followers of your blogs.if u have time pls send me this afls.thanks in advance.E.mail

  15. Hi Karthik
    What's the indi at top side? It says VPA but does not look like the VPA1.2 you have released.

    Great work as ususal :)

    Thanks for your reply.

  16. Hi Karthik,
    I love your post on this "Effort Index AFL". Unfortunately I don't use Amibroker, therefore, I don't really know the logic behind your AFL codes that you have so unselfishly shared with so many of us.

    Can I post you a long question?

    In your "Raw Effort Index" chart, where you have the 'Result' plotted above the zero line and the 'Effort' plotted below the zero line, and you say that this makes comparison of the Effort and the corresponding Result easier visually on a bar-by-bar basis. I understand this part.

    I also believe that your formula for calculating the 'Result' (on a bar-to-bar basis) is Today's Close minus Yesterday's Close.

    My question is:
    1) If your 'Result' is a negative value (i.e. today's close is lesser than yesterday's close) how do you represent that in a scale of 0 to 100 as you have done?

    2) How do you calculate the 'Effort' value based on the available volume information? What's the formula? And once you have calculated that, how do you represent that on a scale of 0 to -100.

    I'm trying to do this on Microsoft Excel and plot it there. Hope you can shed some light as to the formulas to use in order to calculate them in MS Excel.

    Thank you so much.

  17. HI Sip Lin

    The Answers to your questions are as follows

    1) The result is measured as an absolute value

    2) The formulas are very simple actually. We often tend to ignore the information provided by simple things and looks for complicated stuff. Understanding the markets is an art and not science. Having Jurix moving average does make one a better trader :). Anyway the formula in the simple formulas are
    Effort = current Volume / Average volume

    Result is also a ratio of the current with the average

    Both the result and the effort have a very much different scales the challenge is to normalize them to a scale of 0-100%.

    Hope this clarifies your doubts



  18. Hi karthik
    A nice indication you made truly . Can i ask you a favor can u make it for mt4 platforM


  19. It would be very very helpful to have it for mt4.

    kind regards

  20. Karthik sir
    It is really good thinking and good work from u.i m one of ur fan and follow u from ur VPA blogs days.Thx sir

  21. Dear Sir,
    Please release few more videos on you tube covering different aspects of EFFORT INDEX INDICATOR regarding trend & how we can clearly recognize the BUYING and SELLING actions of SMART MONEY.So that we can take the trade along with same direction as smart money.
    Waiting for your early positive reply.

    Thanks & Regards

    Vishnu Dutt Kaushik
    Email id:-

  22. Sir Your afl in in my top 5. its superb and mind blowing... Thanks Sir

  23. Very nice it possible to get it for thinkorswim platform?

  24. Hello Sir,

    A great piece of work.

    Thanks for bringing out.

    My best wishes for you.


  25. Pardon my ignorance, but how do we use this indicator to make a trading decision ?

  26. Thank You Sir for this and many other very helpful scripts and notes.
    By the Way your link to 4Shared does not work for this particular afl. I found another copy of the script elsewhere on the web after a quick google search. The version I downloaded has a typo Smin instead of smin. here is my corrected line: snor = (sro - smin)*100/(smax-smin); // Smin looks like typo should be smin . I have ported this line and the rest over to Pine Script. My question is: since the file I downloaded from trade2windotcom has an error is it a true copy? My ported version with my slight correction works fine. I will post it on Tradingview once I am sure I have the correct script.

    Thank you again

  27. link for afl is no longer valid .... any other new link ...? or the AFL been unshared thereafter ...?