Friday, February 14, 2014

BSP Indicator Ported to Ninja trader

Took a long break from Trading , TA all .. Recently someone introduced me to the Ninjatrader Platform.  It is quite interesting one. But for someone like me who likes to develop own concepts and indicators the Ninjatrader would present a big problem, that is programming. The programming in Amibroker  is really simple compared to Ninjatrader. The programming is down in C#  which is quite a daunting task for a IT dummy like me. However I have a bad habit of not giving up easily. So I took up the challenge. Unfortunately there is no proper tutorial available across the net. For anyone without the knowledge of C# or .NET  the task of learning ninjatrader programming can be really difficult. I have been trying to port my Buying and Selling pressure Indicator to Ninjatrader 7.  Finally after days of struggle the codes complied without error and the indicator showed up under the chart. Of course my code is definitely not the most efficient one bt still it does the job. Hopefully my skills will improve slowly and we will have all my work ported  NinjaTrader platform...  :)

Ninjatrader users can download the file form here....


  1. Hi,

    Just going through your thread and surprised that you have started liking Ninja. Its good news for me. I am busy in some other work so soon will start bothering you with lots of questions!!

    Warm Regards

    Manish Sharma

  2. I have downloaded the file but can't understand the chart clearly. Can you please explain?

    ninjatrader indicators

  3. Is there any extra or extraordinary features in Ninjatrader that are not in AmiBroker?

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