Friday, April 5, 2013

The ADX Afls...

I have been experimenting a little on the volume biased ADX which I had propose in my last post. I found that volume spikes could drastically upset the the indicators. SO i had to use a little smoothing to overcome this. That is the reason for not releasing the afl. Now  I am ready to release it for those who would like to experiment. I am also posting my earlier work, a Gaussian smoothed ADX called KADX which is more responsive ans smoother than the classical ADX. Please share your opinion about these indicators.

1. Volume Biased ADX

2. Gaussian Smoothed ADX - KADX


  1. Hi Karthik Sir,

    I happen to land here while posting my EW /NeoWave analysis in one of the closed group in FB.

    No words can be sufficient to describe your effort to link volume to various indicators. Great work and here is my admiration please accept it.

    I also request you to post your AFL easily accessible to people like me who are all IT illiterate. I tried to down load the above AFL my system is unable to read the program. Of course my search will continue. But things can be made little easier for us ( ITI ? ).

    With Warm Regards

  2. HI Jayaraman Thanks for your kind words. I uploaded the afl to 4shared which is one of the easiest way. Please do suggest any other way to make the afl avialble and I will do it.



    1. Karthik ji,thanks for the reply and my inadequacy in IT related issue is so poor hence the above doubt and now issue solved. Thanks for the kind reply.

  3. looks like a part of ur great kbrain.plz tell us the Buy and sell SL decession points.

  4. I could not get AFL for Volume Biased ADX on the link given
    Can you please give to me. I have interesting result for BB based on ADX, now if I can try it with Volume Biased ADX some more confirmed signals can be achieved.