Monday, August 13, 2012

AltrTrend Indicator

The First Indicator we are going to look at is the Altrtrend. This indicator is a simple channel breakout system which uses a part of the range subtracted from the Highs and added to the Lows to form the channel. Price above this channel is defined as an uptrend and price below the channel is defined as the downtrend.  The transition points are plotted as dots.  The funny thing is the plotting point is controlled by the ADX value.  Anyway the indicator itself is very prone to whipsaws and prone for lags. As a standalone indicator it is not very useful. This has to be used in conjunction other indicators.

Altrtred in Amibroker

Altrtrend in Metatrader


  1. Karthik ji..

    Two questions i have bro..

    1) In lower TF, will this dots recalculate?

    2) Karthik bro.. i am unable to log on to ur website.. Msg flashes as domain expired on 14.8.2012..
    omg! what would happen to my points.. so far i have gained ( 30 points).. kindly look in to it bro..

    with warm regards

  2. Hello saivenkat,
    The site had been hacked , and as far as i know , karthik sir won't continue that site , instead he is opening another forum :) , and don't worry about the points you earned , as on new site all old formulas + some new stuff will be available .
    so stay tuned .
    Thank you

  3. Sir, Is AFL available for above?

  4. Hi, Please look on the right hand side bar of this blog... you will find links for downloading

  5. Hi Karthik Sir, the link for this afl is not to be see on the side bar.
    Could you please repost the link pls.


  6. hi sir,

    i want multitime frame trend AFL so pls help me out