Friday, July 20, 2012

The leaves that were green turned to brown ..

The first question that would arise in anybody’s mind would be “Why this Blog now?”

This is not my first Blog... My first Blog was “Stock Technician” when I released the now famous NMA. Then a Blog on Volume Spread Analysis followed. Slowly I progressed to my own Website

The process of starting a web site was a unique experience for me. Learning about CMS, playing around with Joomla was all very interesting and many times painful.  Unfortunately some Hackers had developed a particular liking for my website and were enjoying repeatedly destroying my web site. The latest is a gang of cyber goons from Pakistan.

A couple of months I was rather roughly reminded me the fragility of life. I was confidentially moving ahead taking the twists and turn of life with ease. All was fine till one fine day I ended up in the ICU after what the doctors loving called a MI, Myocardial Infarction. A rude reminder that there may not be much time to do what all I wanted to do in life.  Age was slowly catching up.  The words from the Simon and Garfunkel song keeps coming to my mind .. “The leaves that were green turned to brown ..”

I always wanted to leave something back. Something that would be used and talked about even long after I am gone. That way my work on VPA is already all over the internet. Whatever I put on my web site would be trashed by the service provider once the contract period gets over. However I am sure a blog would remain alive for much longer time. And also the headache of maintaining a web site would also not be there.

I would be sharing all my thoughts on Volume spread Analysis, Technical Analysis and some general musing on this blog… Also I am planning to close my web site slowly and concentrate on my experiments and Blog… Hope the little group which found my work interesting would continue to benefit from this Blog….


  1. Great karthik sir....also feel bad as hearing some health issues...

  2. Hi Vijay

    Thanks fr the concern. Now I am as normal as before. Hope to make more contribution to the world of TA.

  3. Sir, Yesterday.. i registered with your website, under my username: Saivenkat, i got a mail to my mail id for verifying me the same..

    But then i am unable to login to your site, as i get the message.. access denied.. please help me to login to tatechnics.

    With regards

    1. Thanks a lot ji..for my account activation.. Now that i am fully active..

  4. Hi Karthik

    I run a trading podcast called 52 Traders ( and I'm currently looking for successful VSA traders to interview.

    If you're interested or have questions, please reply to cam at

    I look forward to hearing from you.